[Bug] I automatically teleport underground

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[Bug] I automatically teleport underground

by Fishkilleur » Post

When I'm playing, sometimes I automatically teleport underground in a block :


I can also respawn underground. I have the latest version of minetest ( PPA ), and I'm Running on Ubuntu 11.04 64bits.

EDIT :Another player of my server has the same bug (Ubuntu,PPA)

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by harrison » Post

I get this frequently on c55's server. I have to keep logging in with new names.

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by v3nd3tta » Post

yup, get this error also sometimes
might be caused by a "lag" or interrupted connection

- Create a Spawn box -> Make 2 etages, always quit / disconnect at the upper one, get spawned randomly at the upper or down etage

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by mstoykov » Post

for the ppl on the c55 server or if you have teleport privs on another just teleport yourself up ( the second arguement is z and dont forget the . it's important :))

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