Setting up multiple servers

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Setting up multiple servers

by q9c9p » Mon May 05, 2014 10:55

Greetings to all!

Today i tried minetest in single player and I decided to compile it on my dedicated server to play with friends, I know "minetest is not minecraft" but I'm used to that setup for servers and I can't understand how to set the server up.
I compiled the source from master branch, but when I start the minetestserver binary it looks for the world and other files in the directory of the source code and not in the newly created directory.

I copied the config file template to my new directory, edited but still no luck.
Should minetest create some directories in the clean directory where I launcher the binary?
Can I have separated, isolated instaces? Could anyone link me a tutorial for setting up separated server instances?

Thank you so much and pardon my maccaroni english, and pardon me if I posted in wrong section.

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