I want to contribute in this project [Musics , Sounds , Textures]

For people working on the C++ code.
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by jhulsinger » Post

Never mind i've used mediafire here is the link to the Zip file


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by sfan5 » Post

jhulsinger wrote:I got a a large file of resources from Minecraft software I'm not able to post it is their a way i could make it accessible?
Put into a Zip-File and upload it on e.g. MediaFire
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by Dogers » Post

I don't really understand what's the point of this package ! Is this just an import of content from Minecraft ? If yes , you need the permission of Mojang to import this since the texture are not under a free as in freedom license you can't post it without any permission !
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by jordan4ibanez » Post

unless you recorded it from ..you know..youtube :D
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by Mallot1 » Post

how do you make sound packs to work do you put them in your mods section

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