Nore's personal TODO list

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Re: Nore's personal TODO list

by red-001 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 00:10

you can use core.get_mod_storage() to get a copy of the object (it must be run at startup ). You can then use the same functions as . For an example of how to use CSM + modstorage you can take a look at my chatlog mod

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Re: Nore's personal TODO list

by Wuzzy » Mon Mar 20, 2017 01:39

MC clone
Write a MC clone - or at least, a clone of MC 1.0 (…)

I'm working on it, it's called “MineClone 2”:


Make trees more interesting

Implement client-side Lua

Those two are now finished.
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Re: Nore's personal TODO list

by sofar » Mon Mar 20, 2017 05:04

burli wrote:
nrz wrote:The mod storage is now implemented in CSM and SSM :)

Great. Do you have examples somewhere? The doc is a bit thin

That's because it's fairly simple. The storage ref works just like a node meta:

local ref = minetest.get_mod_storage()

then later you can use

ref:set_int("foo", 345)
str = ref:get_string("doodles")


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Re: Nore's personal TODO list

by Gael de Sailly » Tue Mar 27, 2018 23:01

Nore wrote:
  • Write (yet another) mapgen
    The objective is to write a mapgen (loosely) based on this article: Polygonal map generation for games, which is a very different way of creating a maps, that seems to give excellent results.

Nore wrote:
qwertymine3 wrote:Nore, have you seen the polyworld module for Terasology?

Yes, already did... I also made my own code, that is still a WIP demo in Python though, and that produces 2D maps and not Minetest ones.

This is definitely something I would love to see in Minetest. Are you still working on it?
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