Make Java Modding Binding for Minetest

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Make Java Modding Binding for Minetest

by LMD » Sat Apr 08, 2017 08:26

I'd like to make a library using java, so that mods can also be made in java. Where is the c++ file the modding functions are saved in ? How could I provide compatibility with java ? Probably using a txt file where blocks, items, tools, terrains etc are registered in, for example, where c and java can both write and read ?


Something as LUAJ may be a possibility...
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Re: Make Java Modding Binding for minetest

by Beerholder » Sun Apr 09, 2017 13:49

There are multiple files containing the various functions. One thing to keep in mind: Java is not a scripting language so you either have to provide the .class files to the embedded VM or you will have to call the javac compiler e.g. in case you would like .java source files to be compiled at runtime. The latter requires for the development kit to be installed besides the JRE on clients where you need to support this.

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