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by doyousketch2 » Post

I flashed my ViewSonic G-tablet with a tweaked out ROM.
FrankenTAB, they call it.

It's running quite a bit better than it was.
Discovered there's a Lil' Debi app

that will compile Debian from source
to run on your android device.

Got that building the "Testing" version at the moment.
Think it just puts in a barebones system.

I'll need to install X and XFCE.
Once I get that running, I'll try and get Minetest on there.

I also saw a Slax Installer on Google Play.
Gonna give that a try and see how it compares.

The point is, while looking up info on getting Lil' Debi going,
I saw an article on building interfaces for Android with Irrlicht - ... et-part-3/

Maybe it'll help. If need be, whoever is trying to tackle the remake might be able to leave a reply on his blog as well, and get more useful tips on getting Minetest running on Android.

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by ch98 » Post

As long as you are developing any IOS software with ipad/iphone simulator, it is free. Only thing that costs for developing in IOS is putting it in apple store. If anyone has a friend who has an account, you can borrow there account to add it to App Store for free. Unfortunately, There is no other practical way to install app except for itune store thing that costs 99 dollar per year. (others need jailbreaking or only for 100 ipads you decide to use.
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by sfan5 » Post

Having the app in the App Store does NOT cost 99 dollars a year, it only costs 99 dollars for the year when you want to put it into the app store
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Bear in mind that you also have to be an official developer (or borrow your friend's developership) to test your code on devices. While the iOS simulators are pretty good, they don't come close to approximating the resource constraints or interface of an actual device…

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by jojoa1997 » Post

I like how wee all are talking about iOS in the Android Minetest topic.
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by crystaldynamic » Post

Why I can't enter at the Peep's server?

I am using a Ipad 2 with 16GB and Angels_den is using a Asus Memo 7 16GB and She can enter.
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by Evergreen » Post

crystaldynamic wrote:Why I can't enter at the Peep's server?

I am using a Ipad 2 with 16GB and Angels_den is using a Asus Memo 7 16GB and She can enter.
crystal, this is not the topic for you. Try looking at the Andriod Port Efforts topic.
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