Patch to add right-click player callback (0.4.15)

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Patch to add right-click player callback (0.4.15)

by sorcerykid » Mon Aug 27, 2018 04:14

Minetest does not (natively) support right-click events with player objects. So I implemented the following callback for use on my server. It's an easy enough patch, so I figured I'd share it here since other users have asked for the code.

Patch for 'on_rightclickplayer' callback (Minetest 0.4.17)

This is an example of the new on_rightclickplayer callback in Lua:

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minetest.register_on_rightclickplayer( function( player, clicker )
        print( player:get_player_name( ), "clicked", clicker:get_player_name( ) )
end )

Note: Currently I've only made a patch for Minetest 0.4.17. Earlier versions will be forthcoming as well.

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Re: Patch to add right-click player callback (0.4.15)

by Krock » Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:53

Nice. Would you mind opening a PR for this change to integrate it into 5.0.0-dev?
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Re: Patch to add right-click player callback (0.4.15)

by zeuner » Tue Aug 28, 2018 10:33

It has been trivial to port to 5.0.0-dev (, and seems to work nicely on my test server.

@sorcerykid: Please feel free to upload the ported patch using your account if you decide to post a PR, so that you receive proper credit for your work.

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Re: Patch to add right-click player callback (0.4.15)

by Sokomine » Sat Aug 10, 2019 13:42

Nice idea. Could be useful for exchanging items without having to throw them to the ground or place into a chest, could be used to provide information about a player (name, experience gained, mobs killed, deaths, areas protected, ..), provide an admin interface etc.

Hope this gets merged! I'm also eager to see HTML-like formspec elements getting merged. With that, chats with mobs like in old point&click adventures are possible.
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