Scramble map by transforming DB pos column

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Scramble map by transforming DB pos column

by NathanBaulch » Post

I thought it would be fun/interesting to mirror the x and y positions of all blocks in my map DB.
However for some mysterious reason all the blocks in the negative x half are raised 1 block and blocks in the positive x half are lowered 1 block. This results in an awkward 2-block step dividing my map in two.

Here's the SQL I'm using to do this transformation:

Code: Select all

alter table blocks rename to oldblocks;
create table blocks (pos int primary key, data blob);
insert into blocks select (pos & 0xfff000) | (~pos & ~0xfff000), data from oldblocks;
drop table oldblocks;
What am I missing? Thanks!

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Re: Scramble map by transforming DB pos column

by talamh » Post might do what you are trying to do.

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