@Mainmenu issues audit

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@Mainmenu issues audit

by Zughy » Post

As I'd like to work on the main menu, I wanted to do my homework first. I went through all the @Mainmenu issues with no milestone nor PR attached, and the following audit is what I came up with. Also, this is just my vision, feel free to express your doubts.

To close
  • 6518 - The Menu Overlay Image Should be everywhere: games backgrounds, headers and such are not kept between different tabs, the overlay shouldn't be an exception. On the contrary, the default menu overlay is kept between tabs already (when it exists) Done
  • 8254 - Background/Game title doesn't change when changing what world you create: worlds should be game specific. Check my comment to understand what I mean
  • 8669 - Modernization of the Multiplayer tab: this is already included in 6773 and it looks more like a PR Done

Wrongly labelled
To not consider because of rework
Beginner friendly
Things to take in consideration
Things to definitely implement someday
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Re: @Mainmenu issues audit

by goats » Post

8367 - Unimportant settings in the main menu: move 3D clouds to advanced settings. There is uncertainty about opaque water and waving water. Core devs feed please
Have to dig through Advanced Settings trees to adjust obvious items (and resource hogs)? Hard pass.
9932 -Ability to nickname favourite unlisted servers: show server_name of hidden servers
10395 - Add Server List Manage buttons for favorite: why not
Not un-favorite-ing servers because reasons would be super nice. My books (or browsers) don't kick out bookmarks like they failed to pay rent.

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