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[IDEA] Collected Items

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 19:50
by OdnetninI
I was seing, with Adam mobs mod.
When many of mobs death at the day, they left many objects. Day to Day, the map is slowler. This made me think.
Can we edit engine to make that near similar object joins together at the same graphic?
It can save a lot of memory.

What do you think?

He estado viendo, con el mod de Mobs de Adam.
Cuan mutos mobs mueren durante el día, dejan muchos objectos. Dia a Dia, el mapa se hace mas lento. Esto me hizo pensar.
¿Podemos editar el motor para que los objectos iguales que esten cerca se una en el mismo gráfico?
Esto Podría ahorrar mucha memoria.

¿Qué Pensais?

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 19:53
by PilzAdam
This can be done in the builtin items. They can represent full itemstacks.

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 20:17
by OdnetninI
I think in the engine it is better, it could be faster. C++ is faster than lua. We need speed.