Directx mode

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Directx mode

by miner65536 » Post

Hi All,
I've done an x64 build of 0.4.7 & with DirectX the speedup over OGL on an i5 win8 laptop is amazing, DX runs up to 10x faster FPS compiled with VS2012.
However, It looks like there's an error in the liquid rendering tri-strip generation (or poly generation), it looks like the vertex list generated could be out by 1 vertex or so, because often, liquids, water & lava textured polygons, will appear to be rendered with some triangles terminating either right in the middle of the screen (presumably picking up zero coordinates from zeroed memory) or randomly filling the screen, presumably interpreting random memory as float coords. I've not looked at any of the code yet, just saw a common rendering problem appearing with directx mode... Maybe this is a cause of directx mode instability with other builds?
Apart from that it's rock solid, quick, and runs until it uses up all available memory!


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This is a question you might want to ask Fess.

Though DirectX will be faster, it does not have shader support.
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