Blog-like stuff that isn't in a blog: "celeron55 says"

For people working on the C++ code.
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Blog-like stuff that isn't in a blog: "celeron55 says"

by celeron55 » Post

If someone fancies to maintain continuous understanding of Minetest's technical issues, has great plans for Minetest's future with realistic ways to achieve them, knows how the community works, AND wants to work to build a better Minetest in the long-term based on those, throw me an email or a private message. I am specifically only interested in learning about people who can and want to do all of those simultaneously.

Then the more realistic content:

I prefer to work on projects outside Minetest, but replacing myself doesn't seem to be doable with any effectiveness, so I want to state how I (especially from now on) try to handle Minetest for my part:

1) There is a strong(ish) lack of effort and need of authority in drawing the very overall roadmap for this project. Many people agree with the game-engine split, but what exactly is involved in making the most of it is very unclear.

2) There are practically infinite invisible issues in the codebase. I want to sort out the most important ones and put them in a list so that developers don't have to prioritize those by themselves, as it's not easy and is largely wasted effort, and I do know the codebase well enough to point out the worst parts.

3) What I *don't* want to do is micromanage anything, because it takes a huge amount of time and people working more close to each actual thing can do it by themselves. I expect people to use their brain to do their own design work and quality control. If someone sees me micromanaging something, just ask me to fuck off and do something where I'm not wasting anyone's time.

I have to think what exactly I will base (1) on. We don't have resources to implement many fancy things in the engine, so I expect to have to pick one fancy thing at a time, attempting to make sure it will pull the project to an interesting direction.

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Re: Blog-like stuff that isn't in a blog: "celeron55 says"

by gsmanners » Post

I just want to say that you are doing a fantastic job, and to please keep it up. Bugs are always the thing that takes forever to fix, but once you do fix them, they generally stay that way.

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