[mod]More chatcommands [more_chatcommands]

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[mod]More chatcommands [more_chatcommands]

by red-001 » Post

This mod adds more chat commands. Currently it adds:
  • grantme for granting privileges to yourself
  • grantall for granting privileges to everyone online
  • kickall for kicking all other players
  • revokeall for revoking a privilege from all other players online
  • revokeme for revoke a privilege from yourself
  • giveall for giving an item to all players online
I will add more commands if there is interest in the mod.
This mod is licenced under CC0
Browse GitHub repository.
Download form GitHub.

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Re: [mod]More chatcommands [more_chatcommands]

by Dragonop » Post

Ah, nice mod!
teleportall would be nice too.

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