[Mod] TPS Teleport [tps_teleport]

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[Mod] TPS Teleport [tps_teleport]

by MangleFox70 » Tue May 17, 2016 15:12


The Pixel Shadow Minetest game servers have switched from "teleport" to "teleport request" via the tps_teleport mod.

This is a fork of Teleport Request and is already under heavy [re]development. I'm brand new to Lua, and this mod (fork) is my first "real" foray into coding a mod for Minetest. Thanks to all those who have helped me understand how it all works together, and of course, to all those who came before me and created (Traxie21) or contributed to the original mod.

This mod makes it so players must send a request to another player in order to teleport to them. Before they will be allowed to do so, the player must accept the request. This prevents malicious users from teleporting to players' private areas without their permission. It also enhances the overall privacy of our services since if denied teleport, a player must instead travel to the area and "use the front door" so to speak... which might be a locked iron door.

Players may also teleport to coordinates, however if the area is protected by another user, the teleport will be denied.


interact Permits use of /tpr and /tphr commands
tp_tpc Permits use of /tpc command.
tp_admin Admin priv allows admin to teleport anywhere without permission


/tpr [playername] Requests permission to teleport to another player, where [playername] is their exact name.

/tphr [playername] Request permission to teleport another player to you.

/tpc [x,y,z] Teleport to coordinates. Honors area protection: if the area is protected, it must be owned by you in order to teleport to it.

/tpy Accept a user's request to teleport to you or teleport you to them.

/tpn Deny a user's request to teleport to youor teleport you to them.

To Do / Contributors List:

For the up-to-date To-Do or Contributors lists, please see the github page.




Download - https://github.com/Cat5TV/tps_teleport/archive/master.zip
Source Code - https://github.com/Cat5TV/tps_teleport

Feature Requests:

Have a desired feature not shown on our to-do list? Feel free to submit a pull request (if possible), or suggest the feature below.
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Re: [Mod] TPS Teleport [tps_teleport]

by DS-minetest » Wed May 18, 2016 10:35

the changes are good.
maybe use the shout priv instead of interact, doing many teleporting request to one player is spam, which is stopped with revoking shout, and new players without interact should be able to teleport, too to look around in the world
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