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Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 21:35
by davidthecreator

i present you the mod that extend my xtraores mod!

what it adds is:

bows (for each xtraores metal, and 3 dropped by bosses)
bosses: (theres 3 bosses: slime lord, alien golem, and illuminati)
mobs: (a alien for each space layer, a armored skeleton for eash xtraores ore layer, and corrupt slimes)
space: (theres 5 parts, starting from 1000 blocks above sea level, ending at 6000)
and ofcourse, more weapons!

now a little about how stuff works:

as for start, you should armor yourself with the best xtraores materials, that are availible to you, cause as deep as the new ore starts generating, skeletons with armor of same material will start spawning, and they deal as much damage, and have as much defence as a player with same sword and armor, except they got 15 hp instead of 20

as soon as you reach -30000 you should look for the powerful legendary skeletons, youll need a legendary drill to forge a drill that can mine space blocks, they also drop rusty legendary armor, that is quite useless at first, but later can be made into the best armor possible, and a few, but strong weapons, and holly metal, that you can for now use to create a holly shotgun, and a item that summons slime boss

after you got your drill, move up to space, get the unearthly materials from there, and make yourseld some stronger weapons, you can get some weapons by killing aliens too...

now that you got some badass weapons, you should take on the bosses:

slime lord: (summon item gotten from legendary skeleton) it has 3 phases, in first one, it jumps the highest, is the slowest and has the most health until next phase, as soon as you kill it, it spawns its next phase and some slaves, to beat you up... and in next phase, it has less damage and jump heigh, but is faster.
drops: tri-bow (shoots 3 arrows at once!) slime lords slime (used in making illuminati)

alien golem (made of a part of each alien) shoots lasers at you, taht penetrates mobs, has 5000 hp per phase, and has 3 phases, with each phase it starts shooting faster, and also, on the start of next phase it spawns some aliens to help him
drops: phantom bow (penetrates blocks and entities) strange chemical (used in making illuminati)

illuminati: (made of 2 other bosses)the final boss, shoots fireballs that burst in hellfire bursts, that do 4 dmg/sec if your'e touching it, those flames also spawn zombies. illuminati has 1 phase, but 20000hp... better be carefu;
drops: infinity bow (quite low at damage, in front of the weapons you can get at that time, but it uses no arrows at all!)

license: WTFPL
mt version: 0.4.14
depends: xtraores, (3darmor: well, xtraoress depend on it too... so...)

(i would have puted it as attachment< but it says that its too large :/)
0.1 download>>> ...
0.2 download>>> ...

Re: [MODPACK] xtraores_xtension [0.1][xtraores_xtension]

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 09:35
by azekill_DIABLO
this mod is crazy and this is why i love it!

Re: [MODPACK] xtraores_xtension [0.1][xtraores_xtension]

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 09:58
by davidthecreator
azekill_DIABLO wrote:this mod is crazy and this is why i love it!
Yep, forgot to mention mobs might be quite O.P for some players :P

Re: [MODPACK] xtraores_xtension [0.1][xtraores_xtension]

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:02
by azekill_DIABLO
what are the hp/dmg?

Re: [MODPACK] xtraores_xtension [0.1][xtraores_xtension]

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:30
by davidthecreator
Hp= health points

Dmg= damage

Re: [MODPACK] xtraores_xtension [0.1][xtraores_xtension]

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 09:57
by azekill_DIABLO
no that i know. i just mean what are the stats of your mobs?you said that they are strong

Re: [MODPACK] xtraores_xtension [0.1][xtraores_xtension]

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:39
by Wuzzy
Technical problems:
You should fix your depends.txt files:
The xomobs mod cannot be loaded because it can't find the mod “mobs”, but this mod is not listed as dependency.
You should also not use empty lines in depends.txt. Ever.

Please list ALL dependencies in your first post. Also write exactly which mobs mod you are using or recommending (link to forum thread) as the name “mobs” is (sadly) highly ambigious.

From the screenshots, the Illuminati looks rather flat and strange. I would suggest to make a 3D model for the Illuminati boss so it is an actual 3D pyramid rather than a sprite.

The lighting on the colorful huge “cubes” in the space layers seems to be broken, as there are almost no shadows, all blocks has the same brightness on all sides. This is clearly wrong, there should normally be some sort of shading.
Also, the sun position still seems to matter in the space layers, but the pictures suggest the sun is always at the top. But in space it can still get dark when time is 0. You could fix this by forcing the player's light level while in space, there's a player function for that somewhere (something with “sun”).
I think the background changes too late to space as you see the purple cubes a good distance before the background changes. Maybe move all space layers up by 100 nodes and start to make the background purple at 1000? (Don't forget to test the other transitions otherwise weird things might happen)

These are just a few random technical remarks. I will keep an eye on this mod, maybe I'll try a proper playthrough later and give a longer feedback on this.

Re: [MODPACK]xtraores_xtension[0.2]2016.07.28[xtraores_xtens

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 19:43
by davidthecreator
0.2 update is here!

it dosen't add much, but heres the new features!

fixed: now it dosen't depend on mobs anymore! (thanks Wuzzy for notticing that it did...)
added: blocks and bricks for cryptonite and solarium
added: illuminati block (looks more like a triangle)
changed: illuminati boss just got a 3d model! (it somewhy makes me laugh...)
changed: horn of plenty dosent stack now, because if you tryed to use it if its stacked to more than 1, it would get consumed, even tough it's not supposed to be consumed

Re: [MODPACK]xtraores_xtension[0.2]2016.07.28[xtraores_xtens

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 23:11
by AntumDeluge
Added version 0.2 to my xtraores GitHub repository: AntumMT/mtmp-xtraores

Re: [MODPACK]xtraores_xtension[0.2]2016.07.28[xtraores_xtens

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:18
by Andrey01
Here are veeery many stuff i saw! All nice!

Re: [MODPACK]xtraores_xtension[0.2]2016.07.28[xtraores_xtens

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 19:51
by Grandolf
i noticed several typos in xomobs/init.lua the radioactive aliens were told to drop radiactive (missing the o) tissue. also legendary skeletons dont drop rusty helmets, and the golem boss egg had a typo in its craft too.