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[mod] Generic treasurer registration (trm_generic)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 14:25
by bell07
I started a new generic TRM.

Currently the TRM search for items without recipe and add them to treasurer by register_treasure(name,0.02,5) so you can obtain not craftable items in survival by treasurer.
The first thing is I do not use treasurer groups. I modified all installed tsm to not restrict for groups for me. So the auto-group detection I cannot develop because I do not need it.

The development is abadoned because I do not use the mod anymore. The last git version (including .git histury) in attachment.

Re: [mod] Generic treasurer registration (trm_generic)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 17:00
by Wuzzy
Woohoo! The first ever mod for Treasuer which is not written by me.

Note to outsiders: “TRM” stands for “Treasurer Registration Mod”. It is a mod which depends on Treasurer (viewtopic.php?f=11&t=7292) to register new treasures.

After a quick test with trm_generic as the only TRM, I noticed the following:
The registered items are very, VERY random. In Minetest Game, I ended up getting:
- Raw ore BLOCKs!
- Dirt with grass/snow/dry grass
- Mob spawner cage from tsm_pyramids
- Even the surprise block from tsm_surprise! XD
- Not tested, but I am pretty sure you could also get a bedrock from [bedrock2]

I.e. lots of stuff the player is supposed to never collect. Somehow this mod needs to try to filter out items which are not supposed to be owned.

Sadly, there is no simple way to detect this. I think Minetest needs a group for something like “this item is not supposed to be owned/carried by the player”.

I am not sure if I like the idea in general. Because it is very hard to balance completely unknown items. I would not recommend using this mod because it can give pretty chaotic and unbalanced treasures.
But whatever, go ahead anyways. It is okay to make some little experiments now and then. Maybe you figure out a way to improve balancing. The obviously worst part of this mod is that everything has the same level of preciousness. So a black dye is a much “worth” as a diamond block. It is probably also not easy to automatically rate this level of preciousness.

Maybe some form of auto-rating of “preciousness” for tools can be made based on digging times and damage. I am unsure what to do about other items.

Balancing is always a pretty tricky part of game design. It is even tricker if you don't even know the items you are supposed to balance. xD

But this reminds me, I haven't touched Treasurer since ages. Surely this mod needs some love. But I (sadly) have other priorities right now. My top priority Minetest mod(pack) is Documentation System currently.
Maybe the Treasurer framework is already OK, in this case all what Treasuerer needs are just more mods which use it. Especially a whole range of TSMs is needed which cover the full range of preciousness levels 0-10.

I had a couple of TSM ideas in the past but I just never have gotten around in implementing them:
- Randomly spawn terracotta pots in caves near surface, containing only the most cheap-ass treasures :)
- (already implemented, but poorly) randomly spawn chests in caves
- Create small hidden buildings or ruins all over the world, putting a prominent chest in the middle
- Put chests very near into the surface, hidden into the dirt. Very hard to find, but mod may add pirate-style treasure maps or notes with hints :)
- Modify one of the numerous villages mods to spawn cheap treasures in the houses
- Large temples with hardcore mobs and high-value items inside. Not So Simple Buildings looks promising, but I am not sure if it is good for random treasures

Re: [mod] Generic treasurer registration (trm_generic)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 18:17
by bell07
The first ever mod for Treasuer which is not written by me.
Not realy ;) see ... Christmas comes closer

The registered items are very, VERY random
That's the fun ;) The sum of all available tsm/trm mods was to ordinary for me to get mostly the same things. In the first version of this mod ALL registred items was added to the Treasurer. Especially I did not know the not_in_creative_inventory at the first. My daughter get a lava block from vulkan mod at the first try. Now we have a vulkan in our LAN world village oO. We had our fun on this. But that was to random for me too.
The reason for restriction to non-craftable is now I can often win a car from vehicle_mash mod ;)

You are right there cannot be a generic way to get an universal balance that matches to all mods combinations and all players gusto. Therefore this will be optimized to my preferences at this place. But that is the way how open source works, everyone makes something for themselves and share it, and at the end of the day something larger is created.

lots of stuff the player is supposed to never collect
There is no flag "no one will collect this" on the item. It is dependent on the player/game gusto. To detect some groups will be allow to disable some groups for a game.

So a black dye is a much “worth” as a diamond block.
That is not right. The diamond block is defined by an other TRM mod and this one does not overrides already defined items. There is an assumption the valuable items like diamonds are defined already and this mod adds just non-valuable items to get more diversity to the treasurer.

I think the next steps is to find out how the items can be classified to be able to assign them to treasurer groups, calculate the rating and be able to disable some groups of items. Your idea to use the digging times and damage I will check (later) so I write a github issue for this.

Re: [mod] Generic treasurer registration (trm_generic)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 22:27
by bell07
I added some initial hardcoded adjustments for testing to get a more acceptable state. Feel free to propose how something can be detected and how it should be valued

Re: [mod] Generic treasurer registration (trm_generic)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 17:36
by bell07
Small update today, use "shape_type" to detect group "building_block".
Hm, there was no need for update since months and I use the mod in each game. So do not be shy to try the mod. Of course not as single trm but as an addition to the other trm_* mods usable.
This trm_generic give you items from "creative inventory" without crafting recipes as survival treasure. So you can get sometimes unique items like a car win from vehicle_mash mod or monster spawn eggs (rare, but partly frequent for me, so it's an issue currently), But hey, why not?