[modpack]more ai for aliveai[ai_more]

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[modpack]more ai for aliveai[ai_more]

by Diamond knight » Post

I have made a new modpack containing more ai for the aliveai mod.

more_ai_atk_speed changes full punch intervals of tools to the full punch interval of ai to make fights more fair.

more_ai_glitch adds in "currupted" versions of the other ai in this mod and a glitch warrior mob that has a hidden nametag

more_ai_children adds a child npc

more_ai_junforden adds an indigneous npc that will spawn only in jungles in the futre WIP only has child mob for it

more_ai_anarchy adds in ai that spawn in different levels (noob, ametuer, etc) to speed up advancement as it is at a snails pace otherwise, they are all enemy "factions", this mod adds many new teams to simulate a free for all/pvp/faction server

more_ai_herobrine adds in a herobrine "boss" that shouldnt spawn atm (use spawner item) and a "currupted" herobrine

more_ai_notch adds in a notch mob that is similar to herobrine but a good guy

more_ai_ek adds in the mysterious emerald knight, he is so powerful even herobrine obeys his commands, herobrine is his apprettice

you will need 3d armor, bows, and moreores to use this mod (it is wip so i didnt mess with the depends.txt as much as i should have)


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