[Mod] Per-player Gamemodes [gamemode]

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[Mod] Per-player Gamemodes [gamemode]

by octacian » Wed Jul 12, 2017 00:08

Per-player Gamemodes [gamemode]

GitHub: https://github.com/octacian/gamemode
Download: https://github.com/octacian/gamemode/archive/master.zip
Dependencies: sfinv (found in Minetest Game 0.4.15+)
License: MIT

Switch between customizable gamemodes per-player.

Unlike other gamemodes mods, this mod allows you to register as many customizable gamemodes as you'd like, with many features available to fine tune per-gamemode. Gamemodes can have an unlimited amount of aliases assigned to them, allowing you to switch between modes quicker. From inventory tabs, breath, damage, HUD flags, privileges, the hand, and more, this gamemodes mod is the most expandable to date.

If you'd like to learn about the API, read the API documentation.

Warning: In order for all features of this mod to be usable, it is highly recommended that you enable damage in your world. Otherwise, survival mod will not be accessible in that you will be unable to take damage.


Requires gamemode privilege.

/gamemode <mode> - set own gamemode
/gamemode <player name> <mode> - set another player's gamemode
/gamemode list - list registered gamemodes and aliases
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Re: [Mod] Per-player Gamemodes [gamemode]

by meseking35 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:37

Two things.

1) When it goes from 'spectator' mode to any other mode, interact isn't automatically added back
2) Can you make it compatible with the 'unified inventory' mod



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Re: [Mod] Per-player Gamemodes [gamemode]

by mini » Thu Dec 27, 2018 00:05

Very cool mod, but I agree: please make this unified inventory compatible! :D

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