[Mod] Conjuration (magic and stuff) [conjuration]

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[Mod] Conjuration (magic and stuff) [conjuration]

by the_raven_262 » Post

Ever thought that carrying a stack of mese crystals/diamonds every time you go mining was a waste of inventory space?
Or, you might also have, at least once, noticed that crafting tools in the same way gets boring after a while.
Or, you have thought of making a fantasy themed server and you needed some actual magic?
Well, look no further, cause the [conjuration] mod solves these problems easily!


Except for the fancy graphics and sounds that are all recycled from minetest_game, the [conjuration] mod provides one quite balanced (almost) gameplay feature, creating tools from nothing (actually uses your diamonds and mese crystals, but that is not so much of a price for fancy magical effects, right?)

Let me describe the general idea of this mod: You use a book to create a tool, that's it.
More detailed description would include inability to summon multiple tools when you already have one, and also different kinds of books (which all look almost the same).

Now to the main part (contains graphics :D)

Main Part

Okay, didn't really need that much of a caption
+ Spoiler
If you had already opened the spoiler, you might have noticed an image inside. Now i'll describe the contents of this (awfully small) image:

First three slots occupy the books of which I have been talking about, books come in three kinds (in order): Lesser, Greater and between is the ordinary one.
The books are generally the same, except each level of a book gets you more uses.
By the way, each tool type has its own book type (e.g. pickaxe book for pickaxes).

Next in the order are the soul shards, which are used for crafting soul crystals (next to the pickaxe (on the right)), which are used for crafting books, which are (as i already said) used for summoning tools.

Soul shards are crafted from two mese crystals, a diamond and two coal lumps. Cheap, ain't it?

And there are tools, of course. They are made out of air (or some other substance that can't be seen), and are known to be created by Wizards.
Tools have the exact same capabilities as diamond ones. Except for the axe, axe is like mese axe (don't question it).
Tool wear is much, much lower than your ordinary diamond tool (or greater depending how you look at it). So these tools wear out extremely fast and are not THAT cheap. Remember when I said balanced? This is what I meant.

On the bottom of this block of text (which was prolonged cause It makes it look like a complex mod description), is, of course a download link.


You can download the mod here
Or you can browse the repository and see the magic behind it all.

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Re: [Mod] Conjuration (magic and stuff) [conjuration]

by azekill_DIABLO » Post

Sounds magic!
joke apart, it might be a very good addition to voxellar.

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