[Mod] Glory's Telegun [telegun]

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[Mod] Glory's Telegun [telegun]

by Glory! » Post

Glory's Telegun

This is a simple mod that adds a non-craftable teleportation gun to Minetest. You point where you want to go, you shoot, and you appear there. Originally forked from PilzAdam's Throwing.
License: Unlicense
Sound effects: http://freeSFX.co.uk/

GitHub: https://github.com/gutsandglory27/telegun
Download: https://github.com/gutsandglory27/teleg ... master.zip
Extract the zip to your mods folder and rename "telegun-master" to "telegun".
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Re: [Mod] Glory's Telegun [telegun]

by azekill_DIABLO » Post

looks really like a wickedly cool AWP

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