[Mod][WIP] Colored Beds

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[Mod][WIP] Colored Beds

by todada » Thu Nov 30, 2017 20:38

This mod allows to make colored beds based on the default and fancy bed.

I started this to play a bit with minetests palette colorization and overlays.
The result is quite nice and usable now, but not heavily tested.

Needs a recent Minetest version (I tested it only with the current dev. release).

Just use a dye on a bed to change its color.


Crafting: same recipes as for standard beds, but any kind of wool and wood can be used.

- unifieddyes
- beds
- default

License: LGPLv2.1+
Github: https://github.com/todada/colored_beds

Some implementation details:

- For inventory and wield images a "small" single block bed node is used, as bitmap images become very ugly when using palettes.
- Existing old beds are shown in white, but can be recolored with any dye.
- If you pick up a bed it will keep its color. In turn, recoloring a bed will always cost you one dye.
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