[Mod] Tools Library [lib_tools] [git]

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[Mod] Tools Library [lib_tools] [git]

by ShadMOrdre » Fri Jan 19, 2018 21:53

Wanting tools and devices found in other mods, without wanting to install the mods? Are you wanting a world with "life"? How about a world without formspecs? Inspired by cottages and xdecor, and mostly taken from those for now, this mod includes the handmill, threashing floor, bed, strawbed and bench from cottages. Also included, are the ropes and ropebox, enchanting table, mailbox, cauldron, levers and floorplates, picture frames, crafting guide, chessboard and television from xdecor.

These mechanisms/machines/devices/tools/still looking for an appropriate description of these...... get the idea.... lol

But, I feel, the real meat lies within the anvil and altar of enchanting. The anvil is an update of Sokomines cottages anvil, done by someone else but included here. The altar of enchanting is derived from both the above mentioned anvil and the enchantment table from xdecor. Both of these devices do NOT use formspecs. The anvil and altar are alive with particle effects, and inworld action, versus the static play of formspecs. The goal is to make all the above devices from cottages and xdecor work in a similar, no formspec, inworld action kind of way. As such, this will be a work in progress for a bit. However, all devices currently function.

To use the Anvil, right click the anvil with the tool to be repaired. Use the hammer to repair, and when complete, use an EMPTY hand to take the repaired tool.

To use the Altar of Enchantment, right click the altar with the tool or armor piece to be enchanted. Second, right click the altar with one of the following -- Mese Crystal, Mese Crystal Fragment, Diamond, Obsidian Shard -- which will determine which enchantment to provide. Once the armor/tool and crystal have been set, use the enchanting wand to punch the altar until the tool/armor is enchanted. Loads of fun. Important to remember: crystals provide different enchantments and tools an armor do not use the same enchantments.

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/ShadMOrdre/lib_tools/archive/master.zip
Browse Code: https://github.com/ShadMOrdre/lib_tools

DEPENDENCIES: default, wool
OPTIONAL DEP: 3d_armor?, pipeworks?, bucket?, screwdriver?, mesecons?, mesecons_mvps?, intllib?

LICENSES: LGPLv2.1 for my code, CC-BY-SA-4.0 for textures by me. Other licenses apply for code and graphics done by others. Where found, those licenses are included.

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Re: [Mod] Tools Library [lib_tools] [git]

by Sokomine » Sat Jan 27, 2018 05:36

Looks nice and certainly is an original idea. However...entirely without formspecs? What will you do about chests? Perhaps those drawers that can be accessed by left/right click might fit well into your set of mods. Players on Wildes Land 2 seem to like them a lot.
As to the name of the mod...I'd expect something diffrent from a mod prefixed with lib_*. - namely a library that mainly provides functionality for other mods. This here seems more like "workshop installation".
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