[mod] Compatibility fixes [whynot_compat]

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[mod] Compatibility fixes [whynot_compat]

by bell07 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 08:01

... A mod that should not be ...

Sometimes it is difficult to get mods
- working together and avoiding recipes overlaps
- drop-in replace by an other without unknown_nodes

This mod comes from my whynot-game, to let the mods unpatched in game. And from my mods collection history.

At the time the mod contains
- some fixes around homedecor (without moreblocks, stairsplus or cottages, overlap to ts_furniture),
- some farming / food fixes (food.support())
- aliases for migration from clinew's farming_plus to tenplus1 farming

I accept proposals for compatibility with mods not whynot game, all "fixes" should have conditions defined, like "if mod a and mod b..." and the first try should be to solve the issues in mods upstreams.

Note: Usage of methods like minetest.clear_craft() or minetest.unregister_item() are always a hack that should be avoided in the first.

Code/Download: https://github.com/bell07/minetest-whynot_compat/
License: LGPL-2.1+

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