[Mod] Minestats sfinv page [2018-07-25] [minestats_sfinv]

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[Mod] Minestats sfinv page [2018-07-25] [minestats_sfinv]

by AlexYst » Sat Mar 03, 2018 09:16


I decided Minestats wasn't quite mod-agnostic as long as it included hard-coded references to sfinv in it, even as a soft dependency. Besides, even with sfinv installed, there's no guarantee that a given administrator wants stats displayed in the menu. For example, in my own world, I like using something HUD-based instead. As such, the code for the inventory stats menu has been broken off into this mod. Install this mod to restore the now-missing inventory stats menu from Minestats.

To put it simply, this mod takes the stats kept by Minestats, and displays them in players' inventory menus.

Code license: GNU LGPL 2.1+
Resource license: no images or sounds are included!
Mod dependencies: sfinv (from Minetest Game), minestats

Download: <https://notabug.org/y.st./minestats_sfinv/archive/master.zip>
Repository: <https://notabug.org/y.st./minestats_sfinv>
(192.9 KiB) Not downloaded yet

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