[Mod] Rearmed weapons and armour [rearmed]

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[Mod] Rearmed weapons and armour [rearmed]

by LemonFox » Sat Jul 07, 2018 00:38

This is a mod adding new weapons and Armour into the game.

Currently contains :
    Iron Long-sword - Triple range , slow hitting
    Iron Short-sword - Half range , fast hitting
    Iron Carry Spear - Double Range
    Speed Boots - Increases speed by 50%
    Gravity Boots - Reduces speed by 75% , Reduces gravity by 90%

The aim of this mod is to have a range of attacks as opposed to just hunting down full diamond armour and sword.
New fighting tactics are thus created such as a long range brawl with long swords or short brushes with short swords.

MIT License : https://tldrlegal.com/license/mit-license

Depends : 3d_armour

Updates :
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