[Mod] extreme_tnt

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[Mod] extreme_tnt

by simonmakemods » Post

My tnt Mod overwrites the default tnt, make it extreme!!!
You can also us it on a Server.

(86.53 KiB) Downloaded 38 times
Rename the mod to "tnt"
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!!!extreme tnt!!! viewtopic.php?f=9&t=20714

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Re: !!!extreme tnt!!!

by Phoenixflo44 » Post

If that's a mod, write it the best way:

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[Mod] Extreme TNT [extreme_tnt]
And not like this:

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!!!extreme tnt!!!
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Re: [Mod] extreme_tnt

by Lord_Vlad » Post

With a few little modifications, it can become pretty useful for mining actually : Just changing the header to

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tnt = {}
local enable_tnt = true
local loss_prob = {0}

local tnt_radius = 7
you get all the minerals that were blown up, a decent range and for a fair price. Also you get no stone drops for some reason... nor anything flamable.
And it destroys water in the area of the blast...
Well it's not perfect but for a little tweak, it's really cool.

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