[Mod] Better Digiline LCD [lcd]

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[Mod] Better Digiline LCD [lcd]

by 12Me21 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 03:29

I've gotten tried of the original LCD's font and text alignment...
+ Screenshots

  • Line breaks are standard "\n" (rather than " | ").
  • Text is left aligned, and lines are broken on spaces or in the middle of words if necessary. (Lines will never be cut off if they are too long)
  • The character set includes a solid rectangle at "\127". If you want a non-breaking space, you can use any of the unused character codes.
  • Font is stored in one file rather than a separate one for each glyph. (Characters are accessed using `[sheet`. I'm not sure how fast/slow this is compared to the other method, but if it turns out to be significantly slower, I've included an alternate rendering function. (You'll need to make the textures yourself though))

Optional dependencies:
License: WTFPL


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Re: [Mod] Better Digiline LCD [lcd]

by DS-minetest » Fri Mar 01, 2019 19:25

The readability (or at least the cleanness) is much better, which is great!
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