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[Modpack] XDefault [xdefault]

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 15:47
by puzzlecube
Firstly HI! This is not anywhere near my first mod or first thing I've done for/with minetest but it is the first one I am sharing with the world, should have done this a LONG time ago. Thank you to all those who have ever written a line of code in contribution to minetest because you basically secretly taught me programming and changed my life. Enough introductory praise, on to the modpack.

This modpack aims to extend the default minetest game by adding a ton of new decorative construction materials that are really quite nice. Each individual mod adds something cool new and exciting to make your epic creations infinitely more epic!

puzzleblocks (formerly known as xbuild): Overhauled, renamed but still POC: Adds a block of woven papyrus, a block of paper and a puzzle piece shaped overlay of paper that has its nodeboxes too thin so it may render weird for some people some times, minetest needs to support node planes.
TODO make them colorable and use new color crafts and unifieddyes features. Also make paper look a little less like it is 100% 0xFFFFFF or 0xFEFEFE color. The list goes on and on and on ^∞
NOTE FOR PEOPLE WHO DOWNLOADED PRE PUZZLEBLOOCKS VERSIONS: Your lovely papyrus blocks are still compatible and will not be unknowned, there is an alias to xbuild:papyrus_block that will eventually be phased out.

bookshelvez: Adds a bookshelf for every node in groups:wood, unfortunately that includes the weird moreblocks ones that don't overlay correctly AT ALL.
TODO: Filter out and fix 'Fake' woods

doorz: Adds a door for every wood type in default minetest game. Unlike bookshelvez it cannot do it for every node in the wood group.
TODO: adjust some colors, they're just a tint off.

fluidz: Adds 2 fluids that currently don't do anything but look interesting. Swamp water and acid.
TODO: Make acid caustic and corrosive

rockz: Perhaps the most feature rich mod in the pack. It adds 10 different types of rocks which come in their standard form, a cobble, a tile block, a brick, and a polished version of the standard, block, and brick which can be crafted in a (currently broken, for now craft gravel with the stone you want to polish) rock polisher.
TODO: Make default stone and desert stone be treated the same way so that they can all look the same seamlessly together in any TP. Turquoise and Jade need some balancing too.

mineralz: Adds mostly 4 types of quartz building materials and adds lapis lazuli, emerald, and malachite that takes up much of the copper ore to add an extra step of difficulty in ore gathering.
TODO: Pillars and polished.

License: GPL v3.0 or later

Dependencies: default, moreblocks?


+ Screenshots of everything

Re: [Modpack] XDefault [xdefault]

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 02:09
by dawgdoc
(can some one please tell me how to do a spoiler, I've seen it answered before but can't find it now. for now I will spare you by uploading the screenshot of everything, mineralz, and rockz)

use the spoiler tag. [ spoiler] (I added a space after the opening bracket that must be removed in real use)
you can give the spoiler a heading or title by adding the wanted text in this manner, [ spoiler=My Heading]
and then close it with [ /spoiler]

It's very possible I wasn't clear with the examples. If so, quote this post and look at the tags in the edit window.
+ My example to check in the edit window

Re: [Modpack] XDefault [xdefault]

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 03:58
by Lone_Wolf
Hi, nice mod. And congrats on it being your first!

And some examples of spoilers:
[spoiler=Spoiler Name]Put the insides here[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Put the insides here[/spoiler]

Re: [Modpack] XDefault [xdefault]

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 13:51
by puzzlecube
Thanks! I'll edit my post now and add the remaining screenshots. Glad you like my mod.

Re: [Modpack] XDefault [xdefault]

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 18:51
by Chibi ghost
coming along nicely :D

Re: [Modpack] XDefault [xdefault]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 15:21
by dawgdoc
Lone_Wolf wrote:Hi, nice mod. And congrats on it being your first!

And some examples of spoilers:
[spoiler=Spoiler Name]Put the insides here[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Put the insides here[/spoiler]

That was a much more coherent reply than the one I posted. Nice trick bolding / so that the tag wouldn't be executed. The next time I will use that new [icode] tag.

Re: [Modpack] XDefault [xdefault]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 18:22
by puzzlecube
Update: Pillars and stairs for mineralz are now done! Enjoy. Made a Parthenon with them and it looks better than the ones in skylands, probably because of the lightmese though.

+ Parthenon screenshot and another spoiler just for fun.

Side note: both of you were clear enough for me. Thanks again for that bit of advice.

Re: [Modpack] XDefault [xdefault]

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 00:50
by Inocudom
Code: Select all
2018-12-04 18:17:59: ERROR[Main]: ModError: Failed to load and run script from C:\Program Files\minetest_0.5.0\bin\..\worlds\dddddddddd\worldmods\xdefault-master\rockz\init.lua:
2018-12-04 18:17:59: ERROR[Main]: ...rlds\dddddddddd\worldmods\xdefault-master\rockz\init.lua:196: bad argument #2 to 'insert' (number expected, got string)
2018-12-04 18:17:59: ERROR[Main]: stack traceback:
2018-12-04 18:17:59: ERROR[Main]:    [C]: in function 'insert'
2018-12-04 18:17:59: ERROR[Main]:    ...rlds\dddddddddd\worldmods\xdefault-master\rockz\init.lua:196: in main chunk
2018-12-04 18:17:59: ERROR[Main]: Check debug.txt for details.
2018-12-04 18:17:59: ACTION[Main]: Server: Shutting down

Bummer. :( I can't use this mod if that happens.

Re: [Modpack] XDefault [xdefault]

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 20:37
by puzzlecube
Oh shoot! Thanks for telling me that I left the stupid mistake I made on GitHub and didn't commit the fix (multiple facepalms) it is fixed now and I am sorry for the inconvenience my disorganization gave you. I refactored moreblocks-ing rockz nodes so that I could easier implement new rocks and I goofed up the call to table.insert them in.
Speaking of new rocks I have added pumice! It currently doesn't generate but very soon I will be making it able to form via lava cooling like it does with gloopblocks which inspired me to add pumice because it looked so good. The other thing that was added was salt! comes in the usual mineral forms of block and lump and generates in sandstone. ore parameters will likely change for it as I haven't tuned it in yet.