[MOD] Brewing (Magic) (WIP) [v0.15.2]

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Re: [MOD] Brewing (Magic) (WIP) [v0.15.2]

by runs » Mon Oct 07, 2019 11:05

Mana has more sense than stamina cos is a magic ite. I will implement.

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Re: [MOD] Brewing (Magic) (WIP) [v0.15.2]

by ThorfinnS » Tue Oct 08, 2019 14:48

OK. How about at least an option to leave it the old way? Otherwise, it's going to be a royal pain to have to go into the armor screen every time you want to avoid depleting mana, then back to that screen every time you want faster movement.

One of the projects my crew is working on (ambitious, I know) is a spellcasting system, and one of the advantages of crafting and using devices is they do not deplete mana, while casting the spell does.

Or maybe do something like holding the sprint key gives you the amulet's faster move while depleting mana? Ideally, something that would be generalizable -- the mod setup could specify whether it depletes mana, stamina, some user-defined bar, or none?

It's not anywhere close to finished, but the idea is that when using devices, there's an item-specific pop-up bar (like breath) that shows how much power there is left in the item. Some will recover points over time, others will just remain where they are until recharged. If you would like to use that when it's done, I'm sure they would be thrilled.

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Re: [MOD] Brewing (Magic) (WIP) [v0.15.2]

by Imk » Wed Nov 06, 2019 22:53

in the client
2019-11-07 00:36:11: ERROR[Main]: generateImage(): Could not load image "brewing_magic_chestplate.png.png" while building texture; Creating a dummy image


There must be a misprint in the script somewhere
to the server.

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Re: [MOD] Brewing (Magic) (WIP) [v0.15.2]

by runs » Wed Nov 06, 2019 23:22

No error here, with last 3d_armor mod and in a server as client. You use a 5.2-dev, I think is related to that version.


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