[Mods] farming redesigned [farming]

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[Mods] farming redesigned [farming]

by ademant » Tue Nov 06, 2018 04:09

Overview of crops
(971.53 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Overview of crops
(971.53 KiB) Not downloaded yet
The default farming mod belonging to the minetest game is quite simple. For enhancing the mechanism a new mod would have to change too many things, so I decided to redesign the farming [redo] mod by using the default farming mod and the farming redo mod of TenPlus1.
Some textures I took from other farming mod and a few new one I created.

Developed and tested for new Minetest 5.0 (should also work with 0.4.17+)

- Crops appears randomly by using ABM, not Mapgen.
- Configuration of crops is done via one text file.
- Crops can wilt after a time and disappear. (Idea by tacotexmex)
- Crops can spread and fill the area like nettles.
- For some crops you have to craft the seeds out of the harvest.
- Fruits are punched from the bush, regrowing after some time.
- New tools (Scythe, billhook, flail, picker and coffee grinder)

License: MIT

Primary repository: https://notabug.org/ademant/minetest_farming.git
Mirror: https://github.com/ademant/farming.git
Overview of new tools
(77.65 KiB) Not downloaded yet

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Re: [Mods] farming redesigned [farming]

by cy » Sun Jan 06, 2019 05:29

Have you checked out biome_lib? That's what the Plantlife modpack uses, with code for placing plants on mapgen, spreading from there via ABM, and growing to different stages, which you could use for (ugh) wilting if you want. Additionally, biome_lib lets you specify temperature and humidity ranges for your plants to generate, which makes having different biomes of plants easier (i.e. high temp, low humidity = desert plants, high temp, high humidity = jungle plants).

I think it's a shame that "farming" doesn't use biome_lib. It actually works pretty good. And if you use the plantlife modpack, it includes all sorts of horrible annoyances, like poison ivy which spawns everywhere, spreads fast and hurts to touch, or ferns that grow in huge amounts that have no uses. So if you like wilting and nettles, that modpack is definitely something you should check out!

(But seriously, plantlife is awesome. Just... don't enable poison ivy if you have OCD.)

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