[Mod] Bones Redux [bones]

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[Mod] Bones Redux [bones]

by sorcerykid » Sat Dec 29, 2018 22:55


Bones Redux Mod v2.0
bones (by sorcerykid)

Bones Redux is the first mod I created for Minetest back in December 2016. It was derived from PilzAdam's original mod, but has been customized for the Just Test Tribute subgame. It should be fully compatible with all versions of Minetest 0.4.14 and later.


Download Archive (.zip)
Download Archive (.tar.gz)


(repo) (zip) Active Formspecs Mod by sorcerykid
(repo) (zip) Basic Ownership Mod by sorcerykid
(repo) (zip) Macro Crafting Manager Mod by sorcerykid

Source Code License:

MIT License

Multimedia License:

Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

For complete release notes and licensing terms, please refer to the included README.txt file.


Although based on the bones mod from Minetest Game, there are several key differences provided by Bones Redux:

  • Bone box displays a minute-by-minute countdown timer till expiration
  • After expiration, bone box displays the exact date and time of death
  • Contents of bone box can only be removed via inventory formspec
  • Bone box behaves like a locked chest until expiration (contents are hidden from strangers)
  • Bones are not placed for any player with "server" privilege or empty inventory
I also improved the bone placement algorithm, so no more worries about losing your inventory if you die on a ladder. However, if die too close to spawn, then inventory items will drop to prevent blockading the spawn-point..

The following minetest configuration settings are available for additional customization:

  • bones_expiry - number of seconds until the bone box is unlocked
  • static_spawnpoint - coordinates of spawn point
  • static_spawnrange - radius around spawn point where bones cannot spawn
Like all of my mods, Bones Redux relies on the ActiveFormspecs framework to protect against potential formspec exploits.

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