[Mod] Sailing and Tropical Islands [sailing]

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[Mod] Sailing and Tropical Islands [sailing]

by cakenggt » Post

The sailing mod brings much more to your world than sailing. After turning the world into a tropical archipeligo, you must use your wits to craft a canoe and venture out onto the surrounding islands using ancient wayfaring techniques.


Trailer here: https://youtu.be/uCoVC0BcIXE
Repo here: https://github.com/cakenggt/sailing
Download here: https://github.com/cakenggt/sailing/archive/master.zip

* Wind powered sailing with adjustable sail position for speed
* Wind changes over time
* Torches which show wind direction and speed with their wonderful particles
* Kukui nut bushes
* Palm trees with falling coconuts
* Kapa fabric for wall, floor, and ceiling decorations
* Birds show the way to the nearest islands
* Island chains kilometers apart and across
* A prettier shallow water texture

Legend: K = Kukui nut, W = wood plank, F = Palm fiber, S = stick

S = Kukui nut torch

FF = Kapa fabric

FFF = Sail

WWW = Canoe

New Mechanics:
* When boarding a canoe, press space to put the sail up or down.
* On a canoe, hold shift and press left or right (or a or d) to change the angle of attack of the sail. The wind particles show you which way the wind is blowing.
* Right click on a coconut to make it drop. Coconuts will regrow as long as the central block is present. Dropped coconuts will spawn into trees after a while.
* Right click on a kukui nut bush to make it give up it's kukui nuts. They will regrow.
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Re: [Mod] Sailing and Tropical Islands [sailing]

by Lone_Wolf » Post

Nice idea. Have you figured out how to change the selectionbox and collisionbox yet? If not I could help you with that

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Re: [Mod] Sailing and Tropical Islands [sailing]

by runs » Post

I love all related to the pirate world! And the coconuts falling idea is incredible too!
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Re: [Mod] Sailing and Tropical Islands [sailing]

by voxelproof » Post

runs wrote:I love all related to the pirate world! And the coconuts falling idea is incredible too!
Nice mod, indeed. Very relaxing and atmospheric. And the coconuts don't pose any danger, unlike the real ones :)
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Re: [Mod] Sailing and Tropical Islands [sailing]

by Diamond knight » Post

Reminds me of the Maori kinda

Would go nicely with my old canceled more ships mod I was working on if I ever revive it.

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