[Mod] raz - Region, area, zone Protection

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[Mod] raz - Region, area, zone Protection

by Downad » Tue May 07, 2019 15:39

raz - Protect your Region, areas or zones
Regions, Areas and Zones protection for Minetest

A new Mod for the old idea of protected regions. This mod is inspired by
areas - ShadowNinja - https://github.com/minetest-mods/areas
pvp_areas - everamzah - https://github.com/everamzah/pvp_areas
landrush - Bremaweb - https://github.com/Bremaweb/landrush

It is a try to do them all! It allows players {depending on privilegs}

- to mark their (region / areas / zones) with name
- to protect / open their (region / areas / zones)
- to invite / ban other players to interact in own protected (region / areas / zones)
- to allow / disallow PvP in own (region / areas / zones)
- to allow / disable Mobdamage {Mobdamage vs. Player - MvP} in own (region / areas / zones)
- to set own (region / areas / zones) with an effect like hot, dot, holy, evil

As admin you can name a region and set the "city"-attribute. Now place there new regions/zone with the builing-"plot"-attribute.
As world owner you can allow PvP in special PvP-Zones or all over the world. (pvp_only_in_pvp_regions = true/false)
All player with the region_mark-privileg can now set ther region in the city.
A Player can only modify his own region {depending on privilegs}.
A hud is shown all over the world, the color is depending on region attributs like protection, effect or PvP

If you want some effect on your world like
- hot heal over time
- bot restore breath over time
- holy both: heal an breath over time
- dot damage over time
- choke reduve breath over time
- evil both: damage and choke over time
you can make this, e.g. an holy place in a temple or an evil-zone in a dungeon.

Raz works with downads-marker (forked from Sokomine/markers) https://github.com/downad/raz


"region_admin" ==> modify all regions, import, export regions, convert areas.dat, ...
"region_effect" ==> Can set and remove effects for own regions.
"region_mvp" ==> Can enable/disable MvP for own regions.
"region_pvp" ==> Can enable/disable PvP for own regions.
"region_set" ==> Can invite/ban guests or change owner of own regions.
"region_mark" ==> Can set, remove and rename own regions and protect and open them.

/region help {command} - to get some more infos about a command. [privileg: interact]
/region status - to get some more infos about the region at your position. [privileg: interact]
/region border - to make your region visible. [privileg: interact]
/region border {name} - to make the region of player name visible. [privileg: region_admin]
/region border {id} - to make the regionwith the id visible. [privileg: region_admin]
/region own - show a list of all your regions. [privileg: region_mark]
/region pos1 - to set your position, this is needed to '/region set' your region. Go to one edge and call the command \'region pos1\'
/region pos2 - to set your position, this is needed to '/region set' your region. If not done, go to one edge and call the command \'region pos2\'
/region mark - to select positions by punching two nodes. [privileg: region_mark]
/region max_y - to set the y-values of your region to 90% of the raz.max_height. 1/3 down and 2/3 up. [privileg: region_mark]
/region set {region_name} - to mark a region with the name {region_name}. This regions is NOT protected! [privileg: region_mark]
/region remove {id} - to remove YOUR region with the ID = {id}! [privileg: region_mark]
/region remove {id/all} - to remove {ID orALL} regions! A backup of th regions will be created \'raz_backup_{DATE}\'. Rename the backup to reimport the regions. [privileg: region_admin]
/region protect {id} - to protect your own region. [privileg: region_mark]
/region open {id} - to open your region for ALL players. [privileg: region_mark]
/region invite {id} {player_name} - to invite this player into your region. Now the players can interact in the region and 'dig'. [privileg: region_set]
/region ban {id} {player_name} - to ban this player from interacting in your region. [privileg: region_set]
/region change_owner" {id} {player_name} - to transfet YOUR region to an new player. The player must invite you if you want to interact in his NEW region. [privileg: region_set]
/region pvp {id} {+ or -} - to enable (+) or disable (-) PvP in your region. [privileg: region_pvp]
/region mvp {id} {+ or -} - to enable (+) or disable (-) MvP in your region. Disable MvP if mobs can not harm player! [privileg: region_mvp]
/region effect {hot,bot,holy,dor,choke,evil} - to set an effect in his region. Effects are hot {heal ofer time}, bot {breath over time}, holy, dot, choke, evil! [privileg: region_effect]
/region export - to export the AreaStore to an file! [privileg: region_admin]
/region import - to import a region-export-file! [privileg: region_admin]
/region convert_areas - to convert an area from ShadowNinja areas to an export-file for raz! [privileg: region_admin]
/region import_areas - to import areas-export-file! [privileg: region_admin]
/region plot {id} {+ or -} - to enable (+) or disable (-). If the plot-attribut is set, a player can mark regions 'in' there. So a city can be protected and named but players can place there own regions in there. [privileg: region_admin]
/region city {id} {+ or -} - to enable (+) or disable (-). If the city-attribut is set, the region_admin can mark regions 'in' there with the building plot-attribute. So a city can be protected and named (by region_admin) but players can place there own regions. [privileg: region_admin]
/region player {player_name} - to show a list of all regions of this player! [privileg: region_admin]

GNU General Public License v3.0

Textures and Models
Bremaweb/landrush textures
Bremaweb/landrush models
ShadowNinja/areas textures

code on github: https://github.com/downad/raz

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