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[Recovery] Posts Restored from March 13-April 28

PostPosted: Wed May 08, 2019 23:48
by sorcerykid
Hello all,

Over the weekend I successfully managed to recover over 2000 forum posts after the server crash (accounting for about 74.5% of the total posts lost between March 13 through April 28. I compiled all the posts onto GitHub for permanent reference. Below is an easily indexed listing of topics from the various mod subforums. Enjoy!

WIP Mods ... _mods.html

Mod Releases: ... eases.html

Modding Discussion: ... ssion.html

Re: [Recovery] Posts Restored from March 13-April 28

PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2019 21:26
by sorcerykid
Update! I accounted for 200 "missing" posts after fixing a bug in the parser. I also added "New" tags to signify which topics had been lost due the server crash but are now restored.

I also revamped the homepage to make forum navigation easier:

If you prefer, you can still browse posts sorted by author: ... igest.html

Here are the new vital stats for the WIP Mods subforum: 340 posts, 71 pages, and 67 topics successfully recovered