[Mod] FF Goodie Bags [1.0.0] [ff_goodie_bags]

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[Mod] FF Goodie Bags [1.0.0] [ff_goodie_bags]

by isaiah658 » Sat May 11, 2019 19:54

FF Goodie Bags

This mod adds 4 goodie bags that give random items. Now I know what you're thinking. "How is this any different from the lucky blocks mod?" Well the answer is that this mod is not really meant for your average user. It's meant for server admins, sub games, or players looking to create their own Minetest experience by adding items to the bags and choosing how the goodie bags can be obtained, such as killing hostile mobs. I created this mod out of necessity for my sub game I'm working on, Floating Factories.

Just like how Minecraft has a lucky block mod, it also has a loot bag mod. The purpose is that the goodie bags can be given as rewards for tasks, quests, etc. There are no negatives when opening a goodie bag except for getting unwanted items. The lucky block mod on the other hand is meant to be more of a gamble and for entertainment purposes.

Goodie Bags:


There are 4 goodie bag colors and 5 item pools. 1 pool is a general pool that all bags can select items from. It's generally the largest. The 4 other pools are exclusive to each goodie bag color. The general pool must always have minimum 1 item or the bags will not open. This is to ensure each bag has at least 1 item to give. The other pools have no minimum.

Each bag randomly picks 1 - 3 items from the item pools. Each of those items randomly picks 1 - 10 items for each stack. There is a 1 in 15 chance that the item selected will be from the bag's exclusive item pool otherwise the item will be from the general pool.

By default, I've created a few item pools for some of the common mods in the Minetest the Game sub game. Entire mods can be toggled on or off via the ff_goodie_bags.conf file. They are useful for testing the mod and as an example for making your own lists.

More Screenshots:
Example of the HUD that shows after opening a bag. The HUD stays on screen for 4 seconds before disappearing.
Crafting Recipes:
There are no crafting recipes as there's no real way to balance goodie bags for everyone. Each server, sub game, or player has their own way of knowing what would be balanced and fun. However, the bags can be obtained in creative mode for testing purposes.

  • none

Optional Dependencies:
  • beds
  • boats
  • bucket
  • carts
  • default
  • doors
  • dye
  • fire
  • flowers
  • tnt
  • vessels
  • wool

The optional dependencies are only because I've added in some default item pool lists. If you make your own lists, the optional dependencies can be changed.

Supported Minetest Versions:
0.4.16 and up

GitHub Download: https://github.com/isaiah658/ff_goodie_ ... master.zip
GitHub Source Code: https://github.com/isaiah658/ff_goodie_bags

Rename the folder to ff_goodie_bags after downloading.

The pixel font used in the "Goodie Bag Contents" texture is called Battlenet. The battlenet font is made by Tom Israels. It's posted on http://www.pentacom.jp/pentacom/bitfont ... ry/?id=125 which is a website where you can make pixel fonts. It's licensed as public domain. The font itself is not distributed with this mod, but some people may want to know what font was used and any licensing restrictions it may have.

The sound named "ff_goodie_bags_Coin01.ogg" is licensed as CC0 by wobbleboxx (wobbleboxx.com) on opengamart.org. https://opengameart.org/content/level-u ... -13-sounds

All other code and textures are created by isaiah658.The code is licensed as WTFPL or MIT. You may choose either license that fits best when adapting code into your project.The textures are licensed as Creative Commons Zero (CC0).

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Re: [Mod] FF Goodie Bags [1.0.0] [ff_goodie_bags]

by R-One » Sat Jul 20, 2019 19:09

Very good mod ... obviously we are working on the same kind of project ;-)

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