[Mod] Signs Bot [signs_bot]

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[Mod] Signs Bot [signs_bot]

by joe7575 » Sun May 12, 2019 19:17

A robot controlled by signs.


The bot can only be controlled by signs that are placed in its path.
After starting, the bot runs in the default direction until it encounters a sign. There, the commands on the sign are processed.
Signs are available for many standard tasks.
There is also a sign that can be programmed by the player, which then is processed by the bot.
But there are not programming skills needed, Bot commands are similar to chat commands.

Videos Tutorials (in German language):

Further blocks:
  • Sensors: These can send a signal to an actuator if they are connected to the actuator.
  • Actuators: These perform an action when they receive a signal from a sensor.

Sensors must be connected (paired) with actuators, by means of the Connection Tool. Click on both blocks one after the other. A successful pairing is indicated by a ping / pong noise.

When pairing, the current state of the actuator is important.
The state of the actuator is saved with the pairing and restored by the received signal. For example, the robot can be switched on or off via a node sensor.

An actuator can receive signals from many sensors. A sensor can only be connected to an actuator. However, if several actuators are to be controlled by one sensor, a signal extender block can be used. This connects to a sensor when it is placed next to the sensor. This extender can then be paired with another actuator.

Sensors are:
  • Bot Sensor: sends a signal when the robot passes by
  • Node Sensor: sends a signal when it detects a block (tree, cactus, flower, etc.)
  • Crop Sendor: Sends a signal when, for example, the wheat is fully grown

Actuators are:
  • Control Unit: Can place up to 4 signs and steer the bot e.g. in different directions.
  • Signs Bot Box: Can be turned off and on
  • Bot Chest: Sends a signal depending on the chest state. Possible states are "empty", "not empty", "almost full". The state to be sent is defined while pairing.

In addition, there are currently the following blocks:
  • The duplicator is used to copy Command Signs, i.e. the signs with their own commands.
  • Bot Flap: The "cat flap" is a door for the bot, which he opens automatically and closes behind him.
  • Sensor Extender for controlling additional actuators from one sensor signal

The code is on GitHub.

Copyright (C) 2019 Joachim Stolberg
Code: Licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or later. See LICENSE.txt

default, farming, basic_materials, tubelib2
optional: farming redo, node_io
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Re: [Mod] Signs Bot [signs_bot]

by Sokomine » Mon May 20, 2019 18:14

Looks very cute. I'm sure many players will love the mod if they ever happen to encounter it. Would be nice to have it on a server. Also looks like something that could fit very well into the educational environment.
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Re: [Mod] Signs Bot [signs_bot]

by maxx » Tue May 21, 2019 21:56

The Signs Bot is installed on these two servers:
- Joes Miniwelt (v0.4.17)
- Tech Age Survival (v5)

And of course he’s very cute :)
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