[Mod] Biome Info API [1.0.1] [biomeinfo]

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[Mod] Biome Info API [1.0.1] [biomeinfo]

by Wuzzy » Mon Aug 26, 2019 19:58

API to get biome information for v6 worlds

This is an API mod for modders to provide some missing functions related to biome in v6 worlds. Note the v6 mapgen has its own biome system, so the core Lua API functions to get biome data are useless here.

Currently, this mod has functions only related to the v6 mapgen, but more functions might be added in future.

You can get the temperature, humidity and biome of a given position in v6 worlds. You can also get a list of all active v6 biomes in the current world (since some biomes can be disabled).

Known limitations
  • v6 biome detection does not support biomeblend yet. This means biome detection is not perfectly accurate near biome borders if the biomeblend mapgen flag is enabled, it's just an estimate instead

Mod infos:
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