[WIP] Diglevel - basic character advancement

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[WIP] Diglevel - basic character advancement

by Kimapr » Post

This mod adds three game mechanics:
  • There is some value for each player (rage multiplier). This value increases when the player digs, attacks or receives damage by falling or by being punched. This value is clamped between 1 and some defined value. When the player doesn't dig, attacks or receives damage the value is reset to 1.
  • There are values for digging speed, damage resistance and attack power per player. If rage multiplier is bigger or equal to some value (rage mid), then upon digging, receiving damage or attacking the respective values increase. All those values, multiplied by rage multiplier affect digging speed, damage resistance and attack power of the player.
  • Over time, these values are decreased by some value e.g if you never dig, you will dig slower and slower.
Warning! This mod alters tool capabilities of tools in players' inventories (including the hand), and includes very dirty hacks to be compatible with other mods out of box
Another Warning! I'm bad at balancing things, so you probably want to tweak values at top of init.lua!
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