[Mod] Fire Extinguisher [1.01] [fireextinguisher]

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[Mod] Fire Extinguisher [1.01] [fireextinguisher]

by Odracir » Post

Found this nice old mod by Bad_Command here viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5175

No activity there since 2013, and it crashed due to incompatibility with current fire mod.

Made needed changes to bring it back to live.
Tested only with Minetest 5.0.1

For convenience, copy of original first post follows
by Bad_Command » Wed Mar 20, 2013 00:09

This mod provides automatic fire extinguishers, as well as fire fighting foam. When the fire extinguishers detect fire, they release a large cloud of foam. The foam settles, and continues to fight fire. Also, there is a foam remover node that eats fire fighting foam.

NEW Version 1.01 download:
Version 1.01
(19.65 KiB) Downloaded 51 times
Original Links and Downloads:
Version 1.00
Dev Zipball
Github Page

Code: LGPL 2.1
Textures: LGPL 2.1/WTFPL/CC0


Fire extinguisher:
-Build-able block, place somewhere to protect something from fire
-Discharges a cloud of fire retardant when it detects fire
-Crafted as follows:
This is crafted with a bucket of water, a torch, and some mese, and a steel ingot.

Crafting Fire Retardant Cleaner:
-Clears fire retardant foam
-Place it in fire retardant foam, and it will eat all of it.
-Crafted as follows:
This is crafted with 3 puffs of retardant above 3 torches.

Fire extinguisher setup in a small, highly flammable house...

Oh no! The house is on fire!

A fire extinguisher trips and releases a cloud of fire retardant foam.

The house is saved! Only a few blocks were burned. Residual protective foam covers the ground.

The foam cleaner can take care of the residue with ease.

This mod is configurable! Check out config.lua if you want to hack around with it a bit.


1.0.1 changes

Nothing new, only modernization, changes are marked --MIO
(works with Minetest 5.0.1 , not tested with other versions)

* Main fix: avoid crash
fire.on_flame_remove_at(...) -> minetest.sound_play("fire_extinguish_flame" ....)

* Avoid deprecation warnings
tile_images -> tiles

* Modernization:
minetest.env:* -> minetest.*

* Added mod.conf

Posted the zip in original thread, and was told to better open a new thread

This is my first mod, but it's not mine, HA,HA. It's Bad_Command's

*2013 comments* - see viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5175

Caution: see Dopium comment
...Just because i can see people using it as a form of greifing projects that have lava and water. ...

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Re: [Mod] Fire Extinguisher [1.01] [fireextinguisher]

by Odracir » Post

No, seems not dangerous.

I think Dopium comment refers to [Mod] Liquid Cleanup Mod [1.13] [liquidclean], from which this was split into a separate mod.

liquidclean can clean (or destroy) water, lava and ice.

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