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[Modpack] DevToys [devtoys]

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2019 17:17
by Wuzzy

This is just a set of things for developers. Basically this is a collection of random nodes and some tools I use for testing out engine features. I found it quite useful to test out stuff while I was developing new nodes.

It has 4 mods:

It contains tools:
  • Param2 Tool: (Shift-)Punch or (Shift-)Place this tool on nodes to change their param2. Hint: Use the debug screen (F5) to see the param2 of the pointed node
  • Falling Node Tool: Punch a node to make it fall!
  • Remover: Remove any node/entity you punch
  • Node Setter: Place it on a node to remember it, punch another node to replace it with the node you remembered
  • Entity Spawner: Spawn an entity
  • Object Property Editor: Edit property of entities, players or yourself
  • Entity Rotator: Rotate entities
  • Entity Visual Scaler: Change the visual size of entities
  • Object Attacher: Attaches object to another object
  • Object Mover: Move object a given distance
Note that these tools allow you to set nodes to some weird state that the game/mod author might not have intended. You require the “server” privilege to use these tools.

A tool to test the built-in pathfinder of Minetest (minetest.find_path). See inside this mod to learn how to use it.

A collection of various dummy nodes that demonstrate basic features of nodes. This includes:
  • A lot of drawtype examples
  • Nodes to test out param2 values (the Param2 Tool from nodetools comes in handy)
  • Transparency and texture tests
  • Properties such as falling, slippery, bouncy, fall damage modifier, no jumping, damage per second, ...
Contains eatable stuff that increases or decreases your health.

A collection of dummy entities. Use the Entity Spawner or /spawnentity to spawn them.


MIT License

Re: [Modpack] DevToys [devtoys]

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2019 22:02
by Extex
This is so useful

I added this to the color and plantlike_rooted

Code: Select all

on_construct = function (pos)
		local p2 = minetest.get_node(pos).param2
		minetest.after(0.1, function()
			minetest.set_node(pos, {name = "testnodes:color", param2 = p2+1})
It's so much fun to watch

P.S. I changed the palette to this: Image

Re: [Modpack] DevToys [devtoys]

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 05:55
by Wuzzy
I recently added a ton of new test nodes.

And while doing this mod, I also uncovered a couple of engine bugs:

Re: [Modpack] DevToys [devtoys]

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 14:48
by Wuzzy
More stuff added!
  • Entity Spawner
  • Entity Rotator
  • Entity Property Editor
  • Test entities
  • Test food
  • More test nodes

Re: [Modpack] DevToys [devtoys]

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 18:29
by Wuzzy
The features in this modpack are also available in the new Development Test.

For this modpack, I am thinking of removing everything except the tools since the testing nodes make more sense in Development Test instead of standalone mods.

Re: [Modpack] DevToys [devtoys]

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 22:26
by Wuzzy
Even more stuff added!
  • Even more test nodes!
  • Object Mover
  • Object Attacher
  • Entity Visual Scaler
  • Pathfinder Tester

Re: [Modpack] DevToys [devtoys]

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 05:35
by Extex
Can you please add an entity that attaches to a player and deletes when player leaves (and possibly attaches when player joins)
I'm always having trouble doing that

Re: [Modpack] DevToys [devtoys]

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 12:58
by Wuzzy
I don't really see a point in that. This mod is mostly just for testing.

Re: [Modpack] DevToys [devtoys]

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 16:49
by Extex
I thought it was for teaching modders?

Re: [Modpack] DevToys [devtoys]

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 16:20
by Hybrid Dog
Fyi, I've created/collected lots of mods for development and regular playing; maybe some of them could be of interest for you, too, e.g. the luacmd mod. The whole folder of cloned mods takes ca. 7 MB.
I've called it "akomfort" modpack:

If you want to get or update the modpack, you can use this command:

Code: Select all

$ curl -s | bash
The modpack is then put into your current folder.

If you need it, I can upload a single archive file with all the mods.

About this:

This modpack consists of the mods I personally use for almost every world.
They imo load quickly and are useful for more convenient playing and developing mods.

bookmarks: adds teleportation station chatcommands (/go, /listgo etc.)
builtin_item: my version of the builtin_item mod, it adds features to dropped items
item_drop: my version of the item_drops mod, it makes player automatically pick up dropped items
cave_lighting: command to light dark places with torches automatically
chatcommand_delays: If a chat command takes long, tell how much time it was
#command_tool: A tool which executes configured chatcommand(s) when clicking
drippingwater: Adds decorative visual and audible water and lava drops.
falling_extras: Adds features to falling sand/gravel/etc. objects.
gbpinvisible: Adds the possibility to become invisible to secretly watch other players.
giveme_completion: makes the giveme much more convenient
linemaker: A tool with which you can make lines of nodes without placing each one manually
luacmd: Adds the lua chatcommand (a imo much better version than the one of worldedit)
#misstairs: Various small changes of default minetest and minetest_game, e.g. inconsistent papyrus heights
more_chatcommands: Adds convenient chatcommands, such as giveall.
moss: Makes selected nodes become mossy when they are in water and near air and have non-mossy ones next them.
outgame_intervention: Automatically loads a file from the worldpath and executes it if present.
plantlike_leaves: Uses plantlike drawtype and degrotate for leaves nodes if enabled.
#replacer: My version of the replacer mod, it allows e.g. replacing a wall of nodes at once.
#rotten_papyrus: Makes papyri rot and dry if they can't grow.
#superpick: A tool which allows immediate digging and getting information about a position.
treecapitator: Automatically chop whole trees if digging one trunk
#unified_inventory: My version of the ui mod, it allows shift clicking to quickly trash items in creative mode.
wield3d: Shows the currently wielded item to other players.
vector_extras: Adds more vector helper functions for mods
function_delayer: Kind of scheduler for mods, e.g. explosions

The information is relatively scarce, click the links for more information.
The mods use privileges, e.g. cave_lighting allows only privileged players to autolight caves.