[Mod] Player Profiles (in-game social networking) [profiles]

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[Mod] Player Profiles (in-game social networking) [profiles]

by sorcerykid » Thu Dec 26, 2019 22:03

Player Profiles Mod v1.0
profiles (by sorcerykid)

This is a placeholder topic for Player Profiles, a full-fledged social media network built on top of Minetest. This was a project that I began back in January, but then I got sidetracking working on the Trophies mod instead (which btw, I finally released the source code).


Profiles allow users to build a personalized homepage, to describe themselves, their interests, etc. with access to the complete Bedrock Markup Language (currently used in the Signs Redux mod).

By right-clicking any player in game (or typing /whois if they are offline), it is possible to view their profile, leave comments, and request event notifications (via the HUD as well as audio alerts). All comments and followers can be managed via a profile settings panel. Profiles can also be exported to JSON, allowing for seamless integration with tools like Minetest mapserver


This is just scratching the surface of the available features. I have many more ideas planned. And I'm always open to your suggestions too, of course. Given that the code-base is already nearly 1000 lines, I don't want to delay a release too much longer. I should have a working prototype ready in the next few weeks. So stay tuned!

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Re: [Mod] Player Profiles (in-game social networking) [profi

by zicmama » Fri Jan 31, 2020 22:58

Great!! I am looking for a way to connect minetest with https://scuttlebot.io/
Would you like to experiment that with me?

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Re: [Mod] Player Profiles (in-game social networking) [profi

by Miniontoby » Sat Feb 01, 2020 08:58

Cool mod
My English isn't very good because I'm Dutch ---- Check my mod "Doorbell"

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