[Mod] Change Player Model [chchar]

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[Mod] Change Player Model [chchar]

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Finally, I'm back with my first working mod, having resumed from the last Saturday December 28 in 2019.
Change Player Model is now in working state, with the help of code from skinsdb. As a result of this, the license is now GPLv3, although I didn't have a lot of real code before this change. The majority of the UI remains unchanged from skinsdb, apart from some minor adjustments to account for 3D models instead of skins. The backend parts received the most change, accounting for 3D models and a slightly altered metadata file format.
Here is the URL for this mod: https://gitlab.com/Worldblender/chchar
A recap of what this mod does: It allows players to change the mesh of their in-game representation, optionally with different animations.
Here are two screenshots for proof. Note that I may have not set up the collision boxes correctly, but at least the code works.
The cube from the default startup Blender file, textured with 'default_cloud.png'.
(83.9 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Suzanne's head, also from Blender, textured with 'default_cloud.png'.
(91.7 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Currently, there are not any out-of-the-box compatible models that can be used with this mod, but existing ones can be ported over from, for example, mods providing mobs. Later on, I may also provide sample models so that this mod can be demoed OOTB.

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