[mini-mod] Cron Clear Objects [cron_clear_objects]

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[mini-mod] Cron Clear Objects [cron_clear_objects]

by Oil_boi » Post

Someone in the IRC asked if there was a cron equivalent for minetest. Specifically to clear objects every 24 hours, so I wrote a mini mod to do it:
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License: MIT
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Re: [mini-mod] Cron Clear Objects [cron_clear_objects]

by DS-minetest » Post

This could also be done with minetest.after:
//lua local function foo() minetest.chat_send_all("The server is currently clearing all objects, please be patient.") minetest.clear_objects({mode="quick"}) minetest.after(60*60*24, foo) end minetest.after(60*60*24, foo)
If you have many such jobs running, having .after handling this is faster. Also, this can be done after server start with worldedit. (Edit: Remove the //lua if you are not doing this with worldedit.)

Edit: I didn't test this particular code, but yes, this should be true. (And do !help for MinetestBot btw. ; ))
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Re: [mini-mod] Cron Clear Objects [cron_clear_objects]

by MoNTE48 » Post

They should optimize the game, but not delete entities. It can be players mobs!!

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