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[mod] Vision Lib

by PolySaken » Post

A library of common code and useful functions shared by some mods. The primary purpose is to decrease the overall filesizes of PolySaken's mods by putting reused code in a single library, however, it can be used by anyone.
- isolated sound sets for metal, plastic, sand, and glass nodes so you can use common sound styles without needing to make your own or depend on default
- A material unification system to prevent orebloat, e.x. depend on vision_lib and visionLib.Material.require({"some_metal"}) rather than registering your own items for the metal, which makes it easier to use lots of metals and also prevents situations like where mod1:steel and mod2:steel are different items but serve the same purpose. (this will only work if said material is supported by vision_lib, but I'll add more on request.)
- a useful connected node detection function, good for wires/multiblocks.
- many more misc functions to make your life easier.

planned features include:
- functions for drawing with particles

depends: none
optional depends: technic, basic_materials, moreores
license of textures and code: CC-BY-SA 4.0


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