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by WilLiam12 » Post

I made this mod to try to help the servers a little. This mod contains commands and a worldscript block.

Download: ...

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Re: Lamby

by Noodlemire » Post

I really think you should add a little more documentation, mainly what each command does. People shouldn't have to dig through the code itself to understand anything about what your mod actually provides.

Also, your die command is weird. It looks like something that you were seriously overthinking. It should be as simple as setting the user's hp to 0. Doing that automatically kills players, no questions asked. The if statement spaghetti is unnecessary, and assumes too much about the currently played game. Players can have max hp values other than 20. Death can have consequences other than clearing the inventory and being sent specifically to spawn. Actually, a lot of the time, death is less harsh because the standard is to dump the inventory into a bone block that the player can retrieve after respawning and returning to their place of death. Furthermore, players can have more inventory lists than "main" and "craft". For example, in any server with unified_inventory, items in the player's bags will be safe, so the die command would quite likely become a "restore 20 hp and escape all danger at will" command.

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Re: Lamby

by Pyrollo » Post

Hi WilLiam12,

You can follow these guidelines to set up your post : viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1271

They will make it much more readable and it will be required when you'll want the topic to be moved to Mods release.
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