[Mod]Fire Realism[fire_realism]

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LC Creations
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[Mod]Fire Realism[fire_realism]

by LC Creations » Post

Sorry far, this mod has no image. I currently don't have much time to do a lot so I'm working on it.


-Adds ash when something is on fire. Basically there is hot ash and cool ash.

-Hot ash can set things on fire becuase it is hot. After a while it cools down into cool ash.

-If a forest burns down, it grows back.

-Fire extinguisher that can extinguish flames and also turn hot ash into ash.


-Add charcoal that is collected by chance when digging ash nodes that are not still burning. This charcoal would be able to be turned into black dye and could be used as fuel.

-Make the extinguisher a tool instead of a reusable craftitem.

Description: Adds more features when a fire happens.

Depends: bucket, default, dye, and fire


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Re: [Mod]Fire Realism[fire_realism]

by Merak » Post

I don't know what the consequences are of your 'ToDo' of making the fire extinguisher a tool type.
How about being able to reload the fire extinguisher by clicking on water or crafting with a water bucket?

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