[Mod] Advanced Chest (Clone From Mineclone2) [mcl_chest_for_mt_game]

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[Mod] Advanced Chest (Clone From Mineclone2) [mcl_chest_for_mt_game]

by Emojiminetest » Post

This mod added some chests to the minetest-game.
WARNING: Don't use with mineclone2 game!


  • Shulker box (mcl_chests:(color)_shulker_box)
  • Chests that can link to other chest: (mcl_chests:chest, mcl_chests:trapped_chest)
  • Ender chest (mcl_chests:ender_chest)


Github: https://github.com/Emojigit/mcl_chest_for_mt_game
ContentDB: https://content.minetest.net/packages/E ... r_mt_game/
Mineclone2 forum: /viewtopic.php?t=16407
Mineclone2 ContentDB: https://content.minetest.net/packages/Wuzzy/mineclone2/

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