Display large images in Minetest [mt_poster_mod.py]

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Display large images in Minetest [mt_poster_mod.py]

by heger » Post

This Python script creates a Minetest Mod and scheme files (MTS) to display large
images in a Minetest world.

usage: mt_poster_mod.py [-h] [--top TOP] [--bottom BOTTOM] [--right RIGHT]
[--left LEFT] [--back BACK] [--front FRONT]

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--top TOP Image on the top of the blocks
--bottom BOTTOM Image on the bottom of the blocks
--right RIGHT Image on the right side of the blocks
--left LEFT Image on the left side of the blocks
--back BACK Image on the back of the blocks
--front FRONT Image on the front of the blocks

Up to 6 given images (JPG, PNG,...) are split into tiles of 64x64px and placed
on the sides of blocks. The script creates a Mod containing all necessary
block to compose the complete image and 3 scheme files (top/bottom,
right/left, back/front images) that can be imported into a Minetest world with

Python-mtschem from https://github.com/Gael-de-Sailly/python-mtschem is used to generate the MTS files.

viewtopic.php?t=9400 explains how to import a schematic file into your world.
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