[Mod]Glass Addition[1.0][glassaddition]

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[Mod]Glass Addition[1.0][glassaddition]

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Description: Adds more baked clay colors to Minetest. Inspired by the bakedclay mod.

This is an image of the [bakedclayaddition] mod but is an example of the colors used in this mod.
This image shows 64 variations of each color. This setting can be changed in '_config.txt'.

  • Adds glass blocks of several variations (shades) of 19 different colors.
  • Adds glass panes of several variations (shades) of 19 different colors.
  • Has a '_config.txt' file with settings.
  • Users can set the amount of variations for each color.
  • There can be 9, 16, 25, 64, 81, 144, 256, or 289 variations of each color.
  • Has a setting that adds optional detail to the textures.
  • Has a setting that makes the textures opaque.
  • Does not have crafts. This would take an outrageous amount of work.
Minetest Version: 5.2.0

Mod Version: 1.0

Dependencies: default, dye

Download: Browse code or via direct download

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