[Mod] Player Coords [player_coords]

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[Mod] Player Coords [player_coords]

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Player Coords Mod v1.0
player_coords (by sorcerykid)

Player Coords is an easy-to-use debugging tool for game developers to record player movement via a dedicated log file. It is intended for singleplayer, but can also prove useful in multiplayer (the "server" privilege is required).

The results are output to the "coords.txt" file in the world directory. Hence, you can use the tail -f command to observe player movement from a secondary terminal window.



Download Archive (.zip)
Download Archive (.tar.gz)



Source Code License:

The MIT License (MIT)

  1. Unzip the archive into the mods directory of your game
  2. Rename the player_coords-master directory to "player_coords"

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